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  • Award-winning CNN News Anchor and National Correspondent
  • Nationally Recognized Broadcast Performance Coach and Consultant
  • Featured in Esquire Magazine's Annual Edition, 'Women We Love'
  • Featured on the Cover of People Magazine - Article on Popular Network News Anchors
  • On-Air Analyst - Political, Current Event Media Coverage
  • Two-Time Emmy Award Winner for Broadcast Journalism Excellence
  • Associated Press First Place 'Judge's Award' for Achievement in Television
  • Speaker / Coach for Television News Center in Washington, D.C.
  • Chosen as 'Best Network Television Anchor' by Women in Film and TV - ArkLaTex (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas)
  • Honored by 'America's Most Wanted' Creator John Walsh and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Served as Vice President of The Psychological Advantage, a company dedicated to executive performance excellence through methods of applied behavioral science

Our Services

Communicate and Succeed

Two primary problems arise in most presentations. The audience is not getting the message or the speaker is not delivering the message. Either way communication is stopped and the presentation becomes less and less effective.
The Business of Talk will teach you how to effectively deliver your messages regardless of the presentation itself.

  • Body Language that Conveys Confidence...Even When You are Not
  • How Non-Verbal Communication Can Increase Profits
  • Take Control of the Dreaded Question-And-Answer Time
  • Successful Webcast/Video Conference Leadership

Media Impression Management

Why is Media Impression Management important to your company? We know how to increase the likelihood of not only getting you booked on TV, but getting you asked back. Our Media Training expert has drawn her methods from years of experience at CNN as a career anchor and correspondent.
Our areas of expertise in Media Training include:

  • Television clothing and makeup rules.
  • Correct and effective verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Become an expert in your field that the media relies on.

Bottom line: It's what I DO. I don't do brain surgery. But if you needed brain surgery, would you go to someone who dabbles in it, or someone who has studied and practiced it their whole career?

Crisis Management

Any event that brings negative publicity, unwanted attention or internal scrutiny can constitute a 'corporate crisis'. Bad financial news, layoffs, labor disagreements, product recalls, harassment lawsuits, executive DUIs, even an employee's personal problems can suddenly tarnish a company's reputation and threaten future business.

Proactive planning can control the brand image if negative publicity arises. With our experienced media guidance you will discover how to turn unexpected corporate exposure into an opportunity, thus building press and client loyalty. As a part of our guidance package, we will:

  • Identify potential corporate weaknesses, risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Provide experienced management of media outreach.
  • Develop internal and external communication plans and policy protocols for senior managers/directors.
  • Provide management with media expertise and individualized training, complete with simulated press conferences, journalist interviews and question and answer sessions.
  • Guide you on what not to say and much more.

Depend on our years of media crisis experience to develop and implement an emergency plan that can prevent brand defamation and revenue loss.

Performance Coaching

Whether you're on the air or in a meeting, your voice is a powerful tool. Allow us to take your unique voice and show you how to perfect it for any situation.

  • Breathing techniques
  • Copy interpretation
  • Pacing, pitch, vocal speed, volume, and inflection
  • Voiceover Demo
  • On Camera Demo
  • Marketing Techniques

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